The Informativity Institute™ is involved in scientific research for the purposes of advancing scientific knowledge in the field of physics known as Informativity. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to make available to the public and scientific community the results of that research.  We enable our mission through public and institutional speaking events, through our journal, "Informativity", through lectures, online publications, conferences and online research.

We push back the frontiers of physics with research and education in the field of Informativity

Informativity is a discipline of physics that uses the quantization of measurement to unite classical and quantum physics. Informativity is the result of nearly three decades of research into the nature of gravity by Jody Geiger.  It is the only theoretical framework to have ever accurately described the strength of gravity at all distances, described the birth and expansion of the universe, and provided a simple straight-forward understanding of both dark matter and dark energy.

The Informativity Institute™ is a premier scientific organization, conducting research into the field of Informativity, educating the scientific community, the public and disseminating scholarship through its journal, the Journal of Informativity.

Informativity presents a new model of gravity, an understanding of dark energy, dark matter, energy and more each through the application of Measurement Quantization (MQ). So, we ask … what is MQ?

MQ is a new mathematical approach, you might say a new way of describing measure with our existing nomenclature. No, not complex. Quite simple. You translate existing well-known expressions into fundamental measures and counts of those measures. This separates the discrete features of measure from measure as a whole. And if you look at various expressions such as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle you’ll notice that all the measures cancel out, leaving only the counts. This is the discovery; this is the core to MQ and what supports the field of Informativity. Whether it is the uncertainty principle or another expression, a careful analysis of the physical significance of the expression reveals that measure is discrete while that what we measure (the universe) is non-discrete, their relation a function of three properties of measure: discreteness, countability and a well-defined relation to three frames of reference.

MQ defines a new mathematical framework and a method by which ordinary expressions may be written in the new framework. The discrete relationships between phenomena are then preserved. More importantly, the discrete framework is clearly distinguished from the non-discrete framework (the latter which describes what is observed). It is the difference between these two frameworks that creates the constraints that define the relationships and respective magnitudes between the measures, what are otherwise recognized as the laws and constants of nature.   A few examples include:

And a few examples of how to apply MQ include: