We push back the frontiers of physics with research and education in the field of Informativity


Informativity is a discipline of physics that uses the quantization of measurement to unite classical and quantum physics. Informativity is the only theoretical framework to have predicted the strength of gravity at all distances, described the birth and expansion of the universe, and solved once and for all the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy.

The Informativity Institute™ is a premier scientific organization, conducting research into the field of Informativity, educating the scientific community and the public, and disseminating scholarship in the Journal of Informativity.



Read existing published work on Informativity.  Learn how Informativity begins with a right triangle, and goes on to explain gravity, dark energy, dark matter, inflation, expansion and the trigger event that ends inflation and starts expansion.

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The Institute is committed to educating scientists and the public about Informativity.  Discover what programs we offer that could help you understand how classical and quantum physics are now unified.

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The Informativity Institute's™ research spans the range From Zero to Everything™.  What was the universe like at t=0?  What is it like now?  What happened in between?

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The Informativity Institute ™needs you! Learn how your or your company can be a contributor to the Institute and its mission become part of this breakthrough in modern physics.

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Informativity is explaining gravity, length, mass, and time

Starting with the premise of the quantization of measure, Informativity unites the classical and quantum frameworks.  What follows from that are expressions for the fundamental constants of nature, and a system for understanding how they are related.

  • Derivation of the gravitational constant, G from fundamental measures.
  • Derivation of Planck's constant, h.
  • A formulation uniting the fundamental measures of length, mass, and time.

Informativity is explaining the most confounding problems of physics and cosmology

Informativity is not an exercise in mathematical aerobics or fuzzy metaphysics, but a practical model delivering verifiable solutions to today's most pernicious cosmological puzzles:

  • How did the universe begin?  Informativity delivers a logical, mathematical model that can be used to unravel the birth of our universe, its initial inflation which was far from rapid and the ensuing expansion all collaborated by precise calculations that match our best measurements of the cosmic microwave background.
  • Why is the universe expanding?  Einstein never resolved this mystery--Informativity presents a complete view end-to-end.
  • What is dark matter?  Whereas current theories have had mitigated success, Informativity explains what dark matter is and why it is "dark".
  • What is dark energy?  Informativity also provides a complete story to what dark energy is.  It is, in fact, not so mysterious at all but an amazing story that boils down to one's point-of-view.